How do I buy and sell Qadirah shares (EXOD) on tZERO?

Everything you need to know about how to buy or sell Qadirah shares on tZERO.

Securitize and tZERO are third-party platforms that are not affiliated with Qadirah. As such, Qadirah cannot guarantee the performance of their products/services or that the steps shown and the information provided will always be accurate.

Step 1: Register with Securitize

The first thing you will need is a Securitize ID. Securitize is the transfer agent that keeps records of Qadirah shares.

If you already have a Securitize ID linked to your Qadirah wallet, you can skip to Step 2 and begin your tZERO registration. If you don’t, you can register for a Securitize ID through the Investor Profile page of our Shares app.

First, in your Qadirah wallet, click on the Shares app:

Next, click Create Your Profile.

Then a new page will invite you to register as an investor by linking your Securitize ID to Qadirah by clicking Link under the heading Step 1: Securitize ID.

A screen confirms that the Qadirah public offering is closed, but you are invited to click Continue to Securitize to get your Securitize ID, a required step for you to acquire Qadirah shares, even on a secondary market.

If you click Continue to Securitize, you will be taken to the Securitize website for registration. Follow the instructions there to complete the process. If you already have a Securitize ID, and your Step 2: Verification Status indicates that you are Verified, then you can continue on to: Step 2: Sign up to tZERO.

Step 2: Sign up to tZERO

You must use the same email address as the one in your Securitize account to sign up to tZERO.

tZERO is the alternative trading system (ATS) on which you can buy and sell Qadirah shares, which trade under the ticker EXOD.

If you don’t have EXIT tokens and have not yet created a tZERO account, sign up with tZERO at

a) Enter your email address, b) password, c) check the reCAPTCHA box, and d) click Save and Continue.

Once you’ve created a password, you’ll be asked to sign in with the same email address you used to sign up.

The first time you do this, you’ll be asked to add Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). This is an important, obligatory extra step to keep your account secure.

Each time you log in to tZERO, you’ll use your email address and password, but then you will also be asked to authenticate either by receiving a verification code as an SMS on your phone, or by using the Google Authenticator app.

You can choose whichever option you prefer, but from a security standpoint, Google Authenticator is recommended.

Next, you can review your details. You will find that we have already provided most of the application information, though there may be a few fields that you need to fill in yourself. Please double-check all information to ensure its accuracy.

Click Save and Continue. Within two business days, you should receive an email from tZERO confirming that your application has been approved and you can begin trading!

Until your application is approved, if you click View Portfolio, you’ll see the status Pending Account Approval.

Step 3: Fund your tZERO account

To buy EXOD on tZERO, you will need to deposit funds into your tZERO account.

You can deposit USD from a bank account (US customers only) or send a wire transfer (US and international customers). You can also deposit USD Coin (USDC). To learn more, visit:  How do I deposit funds into tZERO?

It is important to note that these processes are not blockchain-based, they are clearinghouse-based, and therefore take multiple days to complete. While waiting for transfers to settle, you also need to take into account weekends and stock market holidays

Once you have deposited funds into your tZERO account and the funds have settled, you will be able to buy EXOD shares on the tZERO platform during regular stock market hours, which are Monday through Friday, 9:30 a.m to 4 p.m. EDT, except for stock market holidays.

Step 4: Buy and sell EXOD on tZERO

In your EXOD portfolio, you will see this screen:

a) You can choose whether you want to Buy or Sell.

b) You can select a Limit order to specify the price at which you would like to buy or sell. A Market order will execute your buy or sell order as soon as possible at the current market price.

If you’d like to learn more about these order types, you can check out Investopedia’s article here: Market Order vs. Limit Order: An Overview.

c) If you have selected Limit, you can specify your target price here. Your order will only complete at your target price (or better).

d) You can select the number of shares you would like to buy or sell here.

e) Before the order executes, you will have a chance to review the details of your order when you click on Review Order.

Questions? Need more assistance? Send us an email at We promise quick human help!

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