How do I rescue an overwritten wallet?

How to restore your wallet from an archived wallet backup from the wallet data directory.

It is not possible to rescue an overwritten wallet on Exodus Web3 Wallet. The only way to regain access to an overwritten Web3 Wallet wallet is by restoring from its 12-word secret recovery phrase.

How do I rescue an overwritten wallet?

This method of recovery is intended to use when all other options have been exhausted. Please proceed with caution.

Keep in mind that this is a safety feature and is not intended to be the standard for wallet backups and recovery. Ideally, you should use your 12-word secret recovery phrase to restore your wallet. However, if you don’t have access to your secret recovery phrase, this is another option that might work to recover your wallet.

Restoring an Exodus wallet with a different secret recovery phrase will overwrite and archive the current wallet’s secret recovery phrase, addresses, and private keys.

Recovering an overwritten Exodus mobile wallet is only possible when the previous wallet files haven’t been permanently erased. Formatting your mobile device, desktop, or uninstalling Exodus, will permanently delete your secret recovery phrase.

If you accidentally overwrite your wallet and don’t have your secret recovery phrase to restore it, here’s how you can rescue your wallet.


Due to the nature of each mobile operating system, these instructions will only work if you have not permanently erased your 12-word secret recovery phrase from your device.

  • iOS: Your 12-word secret recovery phrase will be permanently erased if you format your device. It’s also possible the secret recovery phrase will be deleted if Exodus is uninstalled, however this may not always be the case.
  • Android: Your 12-word secret recovery phrase will be permanently erased if you format your device or uninstall Exodus.

a) Tap on the Profile icon, then b) tap Security.

Tap Backup.

Make sure you check your surroundings and when you are in a safe spot, tap View Secret Phrase.

Now tap the history icon in the top right corner.

Here you will see a list of all your previously used secret phrases as well as your current secret phrase.

Just tap on the secret phrase you want to restore, then again check your surroundings and tap Restore.

How do I manage my backup history?

In step 5 above, you may have noticed at the bottom of the screen it said Manage Backup History.

Here you can choose how long your Exodus wallet will store an old secret phrase for you, the default is to keep your old secret phrases forever, but you can choose to have your wallet automatically delete old secret phrases after 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months.

Just tap which option you want, the choice is yours!


If your previous wallet files are still on your computer, it’s possible that you can restore them by swapping the archived wallet files into the current, active wallet folder.

Your wallet backup files will only be kept for 90 days after overwriting them


Open your Exodus wallet and click Exodus in the top left corner to access the developer menu.

a) Hover over Developer, select b) Data Folder, then c) click on Export Zipped Data Folder.

This will export a copy of your data directory to your desktop. Ensure the copy of your data directory is exported to your desktop before continuing. You'll need it in case you need to start the process over again.

In the developer menu, a) Hover over Developer, b) then Data Folder, then c) click on Open Data Folder.

This will open your file explorer, where you can now open the Exodus folder.

You can navigate to this folder directly by following this route, and enabling hidden folders:

  • macOS: Hard Drive > Users > YOUR_USERNAME > Library > Application Support > Exodus

Close Exodus. It's important that you close your Exodus wallet before proceeding.