NEO/GAS troubleshooting

In this article, we go over some of the common reasons as to why you can’t send your NEO or GAS out of your Exodus wallet and how to fix them.

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Why can’t I send my NEO until my balance confirms?

If you see the below message in your wallet, please don’t worry! NEO requires deposits to be confirmed on the blockchain before your NEO can be sent from Exodus.

Why is my deposit still pending?

If your deposit is still pending on the network and flagged as such in Exodus, this means that your transaction has not been confirmed yet on the network. Typically, this should not take more than 10 minutes. However, during periods of high network traffic, it may take longer.

How do I fix this?

All you will need to do is wait until the transaction is confirmed before those NEO tokens are included in your available balance.

If you think your wallet may be out of sync with the network, the first thing to do is refresh your wallet.

You can always check your pending transaction on the blockchain. To do this, click on the Pending transaction in Exodus, and then click the transaction ID. This will open a new tab in your browser where you can see the current network status of your transaction.

Why does my wallet say my transaction size is too large?

The NEO network has a maximum transaction size and if you try to send some NEO with too many inputs in it then you might go over the size limit and won’t be able to send out your NEO.

If you see that you are getting a warning saying Transaction size is too large when you are trying to send some of your NEO or GAS then you have gone over the transaction size limit.

This is similar to receiving small mining payouts with other UTXO based assets.

Why is my transaction too large?

The most common way this happens is when trying to claim your generated GAS too often. Each time you claim GAS you create another input transaction of a small amount of GAS. Then when you try to send some NEO or GAS your wallet has to put all of the small inputs together which can make it go over the transaction size limit.

How do I reduce my transaction size?

Luckily, Exodus has built-in a feature to clean up all your small inputs! Here’s how it works:

Your wallet will gather as many small inputs as it can fit into one transaction and will then send the transaction to yourself.

For example, your wallet might detect that you have 100 inputs (which is too many) and will inform you that the transaction is too large to send. If you choose to use the Send-to-Self tool, your wallet will split your inputs up into 2 transactions with 50 inputs each and then send them back to yourself. Once done, your 100 inputs will be consolidated into 2 inputs.

The steps below are the same for both the mobile and desktop wallets. Cleaning up your small inputs by consolidating them into one transaction will incur a network transaction fee.

If you see the Tx size is too large, click here to fix error, then follow the steps below:

First click the here button.

Then click Yes, Continue.

Then you will see a message Sending to Self, please do not close Exodus when you see this message.

Once you see the Success! screen then your NEO wallet has been fixed.

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