FEX uses VIP Tiered Fees

Rule Description
  • Maker: Passive trading during transaction; Taker: Active trading during transaction.
  • FEX deduction: use FEX to deduct fee and to enjoy lower fee rate.
  • The system will calculate the user’s 30-day trading volume (BTC equivalent, which use the price at the time of transaction) and FEX holdings of the previous day (the number of random snapshot on FEX holdings of the previous day) at 0:05 (GMT+8). User’s level will update automatically.
  • The trading volume generated by sub-account is attributed to the master account, and the level of the sub-account changes with that of master account.
  • If user has been downgraded due to substandard trading volume or FEX holdings and has a protection period, the user will continue to enjoy the preferential fee before the downgrade. If the level requirements are met again, the protection period expires.
  • At present tiered fees relate only to Spot. For market maker fees, super margin trading fees, deposit and withdrawal rates, and contract fees, please refer to the corresponding rate description.