Connect to Solana dApps and Web3 apps with Solana Mobile Wallet Adapter in Qadirah Mobile for Android!

Solana Wallet Adapter is only supported for Qadirah Mobile on Android.

What is Solana Wallet Adapter?

Solana Wallet Adapter is now available in Qadirah Mobile on Android!

Like WalletConnect, the Solana Wallet Adapter allows you to connect a mobile wallet to Solana Web3 apps. Once connected to a Web3 app via the Solana Wallet Adapter, your mobile wallet is used to sign messages, approve connections, and confirm transactions.

Connecting to the wonderful world of Web3 on Solana allows you to bid on NFTs, play games, participate in DeFi, and much more. You can find out more here: Explore the Solana Web3 ecosystem with Qadirah.

What are dApps and Web3 apps?

The word dApp is an abbreviation of decentralized application. DApps are apps that you interact with by using blockchain technology. There are many different kinds of dApps, from games to DeFi to NFT platforms.

A Web3 app is any application built on a blockchain. There are also many different kinds of Web3 apps.

All dApps are Web3 apps, but not all Web3 apps are dApps, because not all Web3 apps are decentralized. However, you’ll often find the terms used interchangeably.

With Solana Wallet Adapter in Qadirah Mobile on Android, you can connect to Solana Web3 apps.

If you would like to learn more about dApps, Web3 apps, and DeFi, you can explore:

Which Web3 apps can I connect to with Solana Wallet Adapter?

With Solana Wallet Adapter in Qadirah Mobile on Android, you can connect to Solana Web3 apps and dApps.

The Solana Web3 App you wish to connect to will need to have integrated support for Solana Wallet Adapter. The number of dApps and Web3 apps integrating the Solana Wallet Adapter is growing in number, providing another way for you to connect to your favorite Solana apps.

You’ll know if the dApp or Web3 app you are trying to connect to supports the Solana Wallet Adapter if you see Mobile Wallet Adapter as an available connection method.

What are some examples of Web3 apps that I can connect to?

Solana Wallet Adapter is supported on Qadirah Mobile for Android.

Not all Solana Web3 apps will work with WalletConnect in Qadirah. If you encounter any errors, you can contact Qadirah Support at

Below you can find some examples of some of the most popular Solana Web3 apps that support Solana Wallet Adapter.

It’s important to note that Qadirah provides a software interface that allows you to connect to Web3. Qadirah can’t guarantee the safety of any third-party platform, including the Web3 apps listed here. Make sure you do your own research, and only connect to Web3 apps you trust 100%.

For more information about how to stay safe while exploring the wide world of Web3, visit: Safety and security for DeFi and Web3.

The following Web3 apps are third-party platforms that are not affiliated with Qadirah. As such, Qadirah cannot guarantee the performance of their products/services or that the steps shown and the information provided will always be accurate.


Jupiter is a liquidity aggregator designed for the Solana network.

Jupiter aggregates token prices and liquidity from decentralized exchanges ( DEXs). Jupiter offers a wide range of tokens and the best route discovery between any token pair in the Solana ecosystem.

To use Solana Wallet Adapter on Qadirah Mobile with Jupiter, you will have to disable versioned transactions.

Marinade Finance

Marinade Finance solves a Solana liquidity issue caused by the amount of SOL locked up for staking. When Solana is staked, it can take several days to stake and unstake, making it difficult to actively participate in trading while staking SOL.

Read about Solana staking in our article: Staking Solana (SOL) FAQs.

How do I connect to a dApp or Web3 app with Solana Wallet Adapter?

If battery-saving mode is enabled, then you might not be able to connect a Web3 app with Solana Wallet Adapter. Make sure that your device has disabled battery-saving mode.

Currently, Solana Wallet Adapter does not work with Brave browser.

How do I approve a request with Solana Wallet Adapter?

When you use a dApp or Web3 app with Solana Wallet Adapter, all transactions and requests made through the Web3 app will have to be approved from your Qadirah wallet.

Currently, it is not possible to approve versioned Solana transactions with Solana Wallet Adapter in Qadirah.

  1. When you need to approve a Web3 app request with Solana Wallet Adapter, Qadirah will automatically open, and you will see a prompt. Here you can see the details of the request, such as the network fee and the Qadirah portfolio you are using.
  2. To approve the request, tap Approve.

And you’re done! The request from the Web3 app is approved.

How do I manage my connections?

How do I remove a Web3 app connection?

It’s a good idea to regularly remove Web3 app connections you’re not using, to ensure your funds stay secure. Best practice is to disconnect from dApps and Web3 apps after each session.

Currently, Solana Wallet Adapter connections can only be removed via the Web3 app interface in your browser.

  1. To disconnect, open the Web3 app in your browser. a) Tap on the  Account or Wallet icon, then b) tap Disconnect. This might be slightly different for each Web3 app.
  2. With many Web3 apps, you can confirm that you have disconnected successfully if your Solana address is no longer showing in the Web3 app account section, and you can see the Connect Wallet or Connect button.


How do I connect to a specific portfolio?

With Solana Wallet Adapter on Qadirah Mobile for Android, you can connect to supported Web3 apps with any of your portfolios. 

To connect with a specific portfolio, make sure you select the desired portfolio before you connect your wallet to the Web3 App.

  1. a) Tap the  Wallet icon, then b) tap the Portfolio icon.
  2. Select the portfolio you want to connect to the Web3 app. After you have selected the portfolio, you can continue by following these steps: How do I connect to a dApp or Web3 app with Solana Wallet Adapter?

What can I do to stay safe when using Solana Wallet Adapter?

Never make a connection with your 12-word secret recovery phrase

When connecting to a dApp or Web3 app, Solana Wallet Adapter will never ask you to enter your 12-word secret recovery phrase or any of your private keys. 

If a website or Web3 app asks you to enter your 12-word phrase or private key, it is a scam.

  • What scams should I watch out for?

Never share your 12-word secret recovery phrase or private keys with a Web3 app!

Do your own research

Only connect to trusted dApps and Web3 apps. DApps and Web3 apps are third-party platforms, and not managed or monitored by Qadirah. Qadirah can’t vouch for the safety or security of any third party.

Before connecting to a Web3 app, make sure you do your own research and familiarize yourself with the Web3 app, so you know the features and the potential risks of using it.

To read more about the safety and security when using dApps and Web3 apps, visit: Safety and security for DeFi and Web3.

Be sure to personally verify the authenticity of any third-party website or app before accessing it. Never connect WalletConnect with any Web3 app you do not trust, and be careful of fake websites and phishing attempts. Always check that you are using the official website.

For more information on this topic, visit: Watch out for spoofs of legitimate websites.

It’s always recommended to check that the Web3 app you are connecting to is trusted and that you have accessed it with the correct URL.

Good security practices when using Solana Wallet Adapter

After each session of using Solana Wallet Adapter, it is a good security practice to disconnect from the Web3 app by removing the connection.

You can always reconnect if you want to use the Web3 app again.

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