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Everything you need to know about viewing your Trezor balance on Mobile.

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Can I view my Trezor balance on Mobile?

Yes, you can view your Trezor balance on Exodus Mobile!

To view your Trezor portfolio on Mobile, you need to have your mobile wallet synced with the desktop wallet you are using with the Trezor. 

The Trezor portfolio on Mobile is view-only. You can only send crypto from your Trezor on Exodus Desktop. 

How do I view my Trezor balance on Mobile?

Exodus Mobile supports viewing your Trezor balance. Sending funds from your Trezor is only supported on Desktop.

To view your Trezor balance on Mobile, you will need to sync the desktop wallet that is paired with your Trezor to your mobile wallet.

Here are the steps to view your Trezor balance on Mobile:

First, ensure that your Trezor is paired to your desktop wallet. For a step-by-step guide, visit: Connecting your Trezor to Exodus.

Next, you will need to sync your desktop wallet to your mobile wallet. For instructions, visit: How do I sync my desktop wallet to a mobile device?

To see your Trezor portfolio in Mobile, you will need to enable multiple portfolios. For a guide on how to do this, visit: How do I enable multiple portfolios on Mobile?

Then in Exodus Mobile, to view your Trezor portfolio, a) tap the Wallet icon, then b) tap the Portfolio icon.

You should now be able to see your Trezor portfolio. Tap on the Trezor portfolio.

You can now view your Trezor wallet directly from Exodus Mobile and easily switch between your standard Exodus portfolio and your Trezor portfolio. For more details on how to switch between portfolios, visit: How do I switch between my portfolios?

The Trezor portfolio in Exodus Mobile is a view-only wallet. You cannot send Trezor funds from Mobile. To send funds from your Trezor you will need to use your desktop wallet.

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