How do I manage multiple portfolios in the same wallet?

Everything you need to know so you can enjoy having multiple Qadirah portfolios in the same wallet. 

To get your own self-custody wallet with a multiple portfolio feature,

What is the difference between a portfolio and a wallet?

PortfolioEach portfolio is derived from the same 12-word secret recovery phrase. However, each portfolio has its own addresses. You can think of portfolios like different containers for your crypto that are all linked to the same 12-word phrase.
WalletEach wallet has its own unique 12-word phrase.

Why would you want to have multiple portfolios?

Having multiple portfolios in one Qadirah can be useful if you are sharing a wallet with another member of your household, have both a personal and a business portfolio, or any other reason you can think of. 

By having multiple portfolios, you can keep transactions and balances separate, just like having multiple bank accounts.

To access multiple portfolios, 

What happens when I create another portfolio?

When you create another portfolio, your Qadirah wallet derives another portfolio from the same 12-word phrase. This means that every portfolio you create can be restored from the same 12-word phrase. 

Each portfolio has its own unique derivation from the original 12-word phrase. The first derivation is your first portfolio, the second derivation is the second portfolio you create, etc.

Since all of your portfolios are still linked with the same 12-word phrase, you need to make sure you keep your 12-word phrase extra safe!

If you want to create multiple wallets on the same computer, please check out this article:

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You can create up to 3 portfolios in your Qadirah wallet.

How do I enable multiple portfolios?

Web3 Wallet

Open Qadirah Web3 Wallet and a) click on the Profile icon, then b) click Settings.

Set the Portfolios toggle switch to on.


Make sure you have downloaded the latest version of Qadirah Desktop downloaded.

Open Qadirah Desktop and a) click on the Settings icon. b) Click on the Personalize tab. c) Switch the Portfolios toggle to on.


Open Qadirah Mobile and a) tap on the Profile icon, then b) tap Settings.

Set the Portfolios toggle switch to on.

How do I create another portfolio?

Web3 Wallet

Open Web3 Wallet, a) click on the Wallet icon, then b) click on the Portfolio menu..

Click Create New Portfolio.

Enter a portfolio name, select a color and an icon, then click Create.

You'll receive a confirmation that your portfolio has been created. To exit this screen, click Continue.


Open Qadirah Desktop and a) click on the Settings icon. b) Click on the Portfolios tab. c) Click Create New Portfolio.

You can enter a name for your portfolio, choose a portfolio color, and choose a symbol for your portfolio. When you're done customizing your portfolio, click Create New Portfolio.


In Qadirah Mobile, a) tap the Wallet icon, then b) tap the Portfolio icon.

Tap the + symbol.