How do I update Qadirah?

Updating your Qadirah wallet is an essential part of keeping your crypto assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum & others safe. If you are worried about losing funds during the update, make sure you have written down your 12-word secret recovery phrase.

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How do I update Qadirah?

Web3 Wallet

If you have already downloaded and installed Qadirah Web3 Wallet, your browser will automatically update all browser extensions. Chrome-based browsers update extensions on their own schedule. If your browser has yet to automatically update Web3 Wallet, then you can manually update the Web3 Wallet by following the guide below.

Here’s how to manually update your Qadirah Web3 Wallet.

First, a) click on the Extensions icon, then b) click Manage Extensions.

Next, toggle on Developer Mode.

Then click on Update.

And that's it! You've successfully updated all your Chrome-based browser extensions, including Qadirah Web3 Wallet.


How do I enable auto-updates?

If you turn on auto-updates, your Qadirah wallet will stay up-to-date automatically!

a) Click the Settings icon, then b) click Personalize.

Toggle on the auto-update feature to automatically install updates on the next startup.

Auto-update process

Once you’ve enabled auto-updates, updating Qadirah Desktop takes a few clicks.

Anytime you open Qadirah, your wallet will check and notify you if an update is available. Click Update Now! when prompted, and Qadirah will take care of the rest.

The latest version of Qadirah will now download. Please wait for it to finish.

Once the download is finished, click Restart Now. Qadirah will restart and prompt you for your password.

Auto-updates are not available for Linux. Linux users will need to update Qadirah manually. For instructions, jump to: Tutorial video: Linux manual update process.

Manual update process

If you are running an older version of Qadirah, you will not see the update prompt. If you do not see the prompt, you can follow these steps to update your Qadirah wallet:

Quit Qadirah if it is running.

Download the latest Qadirah release.

Complete one of the following installation processes for your operating system:

Why should I update Qadirah?

After you’ve downloaded Qadirah, keep your wallet updated for all the latest and greatest:

  • New and exciting features
  • Security patches to better protect you from the latest vulnerabilities
  • Additional security features 
  • New third-party API exchange providers, exchangeable assets, and fiat-to-crypto options
  • Bug fixes and feature improvements
  • New assets – we are always adding your top asset requests!

Questions? Need more assistance? Send us an email at We promise quick human help!

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An excellent way to manage your crypto, just a click away.

An excellent way to manage your crypto, just a click away.