Everything you need to know about connecting to dApps and Web3 apps with the Web3 browser in Qadirah Mobile!

What is the Web3 browser in Qadirah Mobile?

The Web3 browser in Qadirah Mobile allows you to browse and connect with dApps and Web3 apps from inside your mobile wallet.

When accessing and connecting to Web3 apps with the Web3 browser, your Qadirah mobile wallet is used to approve transactions.

When you’re connected, you can explore the wonderful world of Web3. Browse and bid on NFTs, participate in DeFi, and much more.

What are dApps and Web3 apps?

The word dApp is an abbreviation of decentralized application. DApps are apps that you interact with by using blockchain technology. There are many different kinds of dApps, from games to DeFi to NFT platforms.

A Web3 app is any application built on a blockchain. There are also many different kinds of Web3 apps.

All dApps are Web3 apps, but not all Web3 apps are dApps, because not all Web3 apps are decentralized. However, you’ll often find the terms used interchangeably.

To learn more about dApps, Web3 apps, and DeFi, you can read more here:

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Which networks does the Web3 browser support?

Currently, with the Web3 browser in Qadirah Mobile, you can connect to Web3 apps on the Ethereum network.

More networks are coming soon!

What are some Web3 apps and dApps I can connect to?

Here are the Ethereum Web3 apps and dApps you can connect to with the Web3 browser in Qadirah Mobile.

The Web3 apps listed above are third-party platforms. As such, Qadirah cannot guarantee the performance of their products/services or that the steps shown and the information provided will always be accurate.

How do I connect to a dApp or Web3 app with the Web3 browser?

In Qadirah Mobile, a) tap the Profile icon, then b) tap Web3.

From here, you can a) search using the Search Bar or b) browse the list of Web3 apps. c) Tap on any Web3 app you want to connect to.

Your chosen Web3 app will open in a new window. If you can't see a Connect button, tap on the menu icon.

Next, tap Connect or Connect wallet.

If the Web3 app you are connecting to supports multiple networks, make sure to select Ethereum. You should now be prompted to select a wallet to connect with. Select Qadirah when available. If Qadirah isn't on the list, select Metamask, Brave, or Browser wallet / Wallet browser.

Which connection method or wallet should I select?

When connecting to a dApp or Web3 app with the Web3 browser, you will need to select a connection method to use.

If Qadirah is available, choose Qadirah.

If Qadirah isn’t on the list, the Web3 browser will also allow you to connect by selecting the following options:

  • Metamask
  • Brave
  • Browser wallet / Wallet browser

How do I disconnect from a dApp or Web3 app?

Currently, you can only disconnect from individual dApps and Web3 apps in the Web3 app interface in the Web3 browser.

Open the Web3 app you wish to disconnect from in your Web3 browser. If you can't see a wallet button or icon, tap the menu icon.

Tap My Wallet or Wallet.

To disconnect, a) tap My wallet or Wallet, then tap b) Log out or Disconnect.

How do I see my Web3 browser transaction history?

Transactions made with the Web3 browser will show as normal send and receive transactions and can be viewed along with all your other transactions.

Navigate to your Ethereum wallet and scroll down to view your transaction history.

How do I approve a request?

When you use a dApp or Web3 app with the Web3 browser, all transactions and requests must be approved from Qadirah Mobile. To approve a request, follow the steps below:

When you need to approve a request, you'll receive a prompt. In the prompt, you can see details such as the network, fees, and assets involved.

To approve the request, move the slider to the right.

How do I stay safe with the Web3 browser?

Do your own research

Only connect to dApps and Web3 apps you trust. DApps and Web3 apps are third-party platforms that are not affiliated with Qadirah. Qadirah can’t vouch for the safety or security of any third party.

Before connecting to a Web3 app, make sure you do your own research and familiarize yourself with the Web3 app, so you know the features and the potential risks of using it.

To read more about safety and security when using dApps and Web3 apps, please visit: Safety and security for DeFi and Web3.

Good security practices when using the Web3 browser

After each session of using the Web3 browser, it is a good security practice to disconnect from the Web3 app.

You can always reconnect if you want to use the Web3 app again.

Questions? Need more assistance? Send us an email at support@qadirah.com. We promise quick human help!

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