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What is the Fantom ecosystem?

The Fantom network is an open-source, scalable, EVM-compatible, and secure smart-contract platform. The Fantom ecosystem is made up of Fantom tokens, NFTs, DEXs, DeFi dApps, and many other Web3 apps.

Fantom is permissionless, and anyone can run a node. On Fantom’s Opera chain, a virtually unlimited number of validator nodes can participate in securing the network, as long as they stake a minimum of 500,000 FTM.

If you’re looking for blockchain data, the most popular block explorer for Fantom is FTMscan.

FTMscan is not affiliated with Qadirah. As such, Qadirah cannot guarantee that the steps shown and the information provided will always be accurate.

How do I connect to Fantom dApps and Web3 apps?

First of all, what are dApps and Web3 apps? They’re like any other app, except they’re built using blockchain technology like smart contracts. Instead of signing in with a username and password, you connect with a crypto wallet.

All dApps are Web3 apps, but not all Web3 apps are decentralized, so ‘Web3 app’ is the umbrella term used for any app you connect to with a crypto wallet. If you’d like to learn more, visit: What are dApps and Web3 apps?

You can connect to Fantom Web3 apps with the browser-based Qadirah Web3 Wallet, or by using WalletConnect in Qadirah Mobile.

Qadirah Web3 Wallet

You can use Qadirah Web3 Wallet to connect to any Fantom Web3 app.

Web3 Wallet is a multi-chain browser extension wallet for Chrome and Brave. To learn how to download, install, and use Web3 Wallet, visit: Getting started with Qadirah Web3 Wallet.

WalletConnect on Qadirah Mobile

You can connect to Fantom Web3 apps with WalletConnect in Qadirah Mobile.

WalletConnect is an open-source tool that connects mobile wallets to Web3. To learn more, visit: WalletConnect in Qadirah.

WalletConnect is a third-party platform. As such, Qadirah cannot guarantee the performance of its products/services or that the steps shown and the information provided will always be accurate.

There are a lot of dApps and Web3 apps to explore, that cover everything from DeFi to staking to NFTs and more. Below, you can find some of the most popular Fantom Web3 apps.

You can connect and explore without any funds in your wallet. But if you want to interact with Web3 apps, you’ll need some Fantom (FTM) in your wallet to pay transaction fees.

It’s important to note that Qadirah provides a software interface that allows you to connect to Web3. Qadirah can’t guarantee the safety of any third-party platform, including the Web3 apps listed here. Make sure you do your own research, and only connect to Web3 apps you trust 100%.

For more information about how to stay safe while exploring the wide world of Web3, please visit: Safety and security for DeFi and Web3.

The following Web3 apps are third-party platforms that are not affiliated with Qadirah. As such, Qadirah cannot guarantee the performance of products/services or that the steps shown and the information provided will always be accurate.


Beethoven X

Beethoven is a DEX where you can invest, swap, and stake Fantom tokens.

1inch Network

1inch Network is a DEX aggregator that allows you to swap Fantom tokens and more. 

Geist Finance

Geist Finance is a lending and borrowing market built on Fantom. It is a decentralized non-custodial liquidity market protocol where users can participate as depositors or borrowers.


Aave allows users to lend and borrow cryptocurrencies. AAVE eliminates the need for a middleman (such as a bank) and removes the approval process for taking out a loan.


Fantom fWallet

fWallet lets you participate in staking to earn Fantom tokens as a reward.



Artion is an open-source, fast, and inexpensive NFT marketplace built on Fantom.


AIRNFTS is an NFT marketplace where you can create, trade, mint, and earn FTM with your Fantom NFTs.

How do I buy Fantom (FTM)?

Qadirah does currently not support buying FTM with fiat, but you can use the in-app exchange and exchange crypto in your wallet to FTM.

You can also send FTM bought on a centralized exchange to Qadirah. For a guide on how to send crypto to Qadirah, visit: How do I receive crypto in Qadirah?

For general info on how to buy crypto, visit: Where can I buy Bitcoin and other crypto?

How can I swap Fantom (FTM) tokens in Qadirah?

You can swap your Fantom tokens with no sign-up or account creation necessary. Using Qadirah Swap, you can securely swap crypto directly from your wallet via both decentralized (DEX) and centralized (CEX) third-party exchange API providers. In most cases, you don’t have to KYC, and exchanges are often complete in a few minutes!

Qadirah Swap is available on:

To learn more, visit: How do I swap crypto using the in-app exchange?

On Web3 Wallet, you can swap Ethereum and ERC20 tokens via DEX aggregators. For information about swapping crypto on Web3 Wallet, visit: How do I swap crypto in Web3 Wallet?

Which Fantom tokens does Qadirah support?

To find out which Fantom tokens are supported in Qadirah, you can search for your token and enable supported Fantom tokens by following the steps in this guide: How do I enable and disable assets in Qadirah?

If your token isn’t supported, jump to: How do I add custom Fantom tokens?

You can see the currently supported Fantom tokens if you filter by the Fantom network in the Assets section of your wallet. For a full guide on how to do this, visit: How do I find an asset by its network?

Web3 Wallet



How do I add custom Fantom tokens?

If Qadirah doesn’t yet support your favorite Fantom token, you can always add it as a custom token!

You can find all the steps here: How do I add a custom token?

How do I display my Fantom NFTs?

You can display your Fantom NFTs in your NFT Gallery in Qadirah.

Available in Qadirah Web3 Wallet, Mobile, and Desktop, the NFT Gallery is an easy way to show off your Fantom NFTs.

You can find out more here: How do I explore the NFT Gallery?

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